We are rebranding - Previously known as Stark Therapy

Female Price List



Upper Lip £12.00
Chin £12.00
Lip & Chin £20.00
Brow Tidy £15.00
Sideburns £15.00
Jawline £15.00
Ears £15.00
Neck £20.00
Full Face £40.00
(Full Face, excludes brows, ears and neck)

Lower Body

Half Leg Lower £30.00
Half Leg Upper £30.00
Full Leg £55.00
Basic Bikini £15.00
Brazilian £40.00
Hollywood £40.00
Buttocks £20.00

Upper Body

Under Arm £15.00
Half Arm £20.00
Full Arm £35.00
Small of Back £20.00
Full Back £40.00
Chest £18.00
Front Torso £45.00
Abdomen Line £10.00
Stomach £25.00

Sugaring Packages

Introduction to Sugaring £35.00
(Half Leg, Underarm)

Holiday Package £80.00
(Full Leg, Underarm and Bikini)

Bridal Package £100.00
(Full leg, Hollywood and Underarm)

Full Body Sugar £195.00
(Full Leg, Full Arm, Under Arm, Hollywood or Brazilian,
Back, Stomach, Brow Tidy & Upper Lip)


Facial Waxing (all done with hot wax)
F1: Eyebrows £10.00
F2: Upper Lip £8.00
F3: Chin £8.00
F4: Lip & Chin £15.00

Upper Body Waxing
F5: Under Arm (hot wax) £12.00
F6: Half Arm £12.00
F7: Full Arm £15.00
F8: Small of Back £15.00
F9: Full Back £25.00
F10: Nipples (hot wax) £10.00
F11: Abdomen £15.00

Lower Body Waxng
F12: ½ Leg £15.00

F13: Full leg £28.00

Intimate Waxing

(all done with hot wax, excluding buttocks)

F14: Basic Bikini £15.00
(Removing the hair just outside the knicker line and crease of the leg)

F15: High Bikini £25.00
(Removing hair from sides and top of the pubic mound and tidying underneath)

F16: Full Leg & Bikini £34.00

F17: The Brazilian £35.00
(Removing hair from the butt crack, inner/outer labia, leaving a landing strip on pubic mound)

F18: The Hollywood £35.00
(The best wax ever! Removing everything from back to front including butt crack and
inner/outer labia, leaving amazing results whilst feeling beautifully feminine)

F19: The Butt Strip £15.00

F20: Buttocks £18.00

F21: Butt Strip and Buttocks £25.00

Waxing Packages

F22: Introduction to Hot Wax £22.00
(Bikini and Underarm)

F23: Holiday Package £45.00
(Full Leg, Underarm and Bikini)

F24: Bridal Package £65.00
(Full leg, Hollywood and Underarm)