We are rebranding - Previously known as Stark Therapy

Health & Sanitation

Hygiene Is A Bit Of An Obsession For Us...

That is why we pride ourselves on delivering our treatments in a clean, professional and hygienic environment. Our therapists are completely committed to cleanliness. We use disposable tools and gloves wherever possible and our treatment rooms and small equipments are sanitised or sterilised, whilst clean fresh laundered towels are provided for each and every client.

No Double Dipping Policy

Double dipping is used by some salons during a waxing treatment. It is where the same spatula is used more than once to dip into the wax pot, whether it be a disposable or reusable spatula. The spatula is dipped into the wax, applied to the skin and then the same spatula that has been in contact with the skin is then re-dipped back into the wax.

This is usually done to save money and time and this method is often used during speed waxing and sometimes intimate waxing as well. Some will argue that this is ok as long as you do not break the skin or draw blood from the client. Once the spatula comes into contact with the skin and is re-dipped, the wax can then become contaminated and contain traces of sweat, skin cells, pubic hair or blood. This is extremely unsanitary- but we will leave you to form your own opinion about this...

At Stark, we opperate a strict no double dipping policy and our waxing therapists always wear disposable gloves.